Award Judges 2016

Juries took place on the 27th, 28th and 29th June.
Pinewood MBS Spotlight Award Jury:

Iain Smith (Chair)

Darren Smith (Sponsor)
Managing Director, Pinewood MBS Lighting

Alison Barnett
Head of Production, Kudos Film & Television

Alex Boden

Sheila Fraser Milne
CEO & Owner, Paterson James Ltd, Completion Guarantor

Ann Marie Fitzgerald
Production Accountant

Tim Wellspring

Panavision team / member of the year Award :

Kevin Trehy (Chair)
SVP Physical Production, Warner Bros. Productions Ltd

Hugh Whittaker (Sponsor)
Director Panavision

Debbie Vertue
Director of Operations for Hartswood Films

Ali Moshref
Production Executive, Film Finances

Alex Lewis
General Manager, TPH Global UK Ltd

Samantha Waite

Fiona Morham
Head of Physical Production, BFI

Working Title Inspiration  Award Jury:

Lara Sargent (Chair)
Director, Sargent-Disc

Shefali Ghosh (Sponsor)
Head of Finance, Working Title Films

Veronica Castillo
Head of Production, Mammoth Screen

Fiona McGuire
Head of Physical Production, Pathé Productions Ltd

Peter La Terriere
Managing Director UK, European Film Bonds

Alistair Thompson
Financial Controller

Samantha Perahia
Head of Production UK, British Film Commission

Production Guild Contribution to the Industry Award in association with Kodak:

Nominations for the Production Guild Contribution to the Industry Award were made by the Production Guild Board, who then met to discuss the nominations and vote for a winner.


We’d like to thank  Wiggin LLP and Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden  for hosting our three jury meetings.