The Award Judges 2016

British Film Commission Rising Star Award Jury:

Guy Barker (Chair):
Financial Controller

Samantha Perahia
Senior Production Executive, British Film Comission

George Bevir
Technology & Facilities Editor, Broadcast

Marianne Jenkins

Sarah Millar
Production Accountant

Ali Moshref
Production Executive, Film Finances

Sarah-Jane Wright
Production Executive, Working Title Films

Panavision Project Management Award Jury:

Kevin Trehy
Senior Vice President of Physical Production, Warner Bros.

Hugh Whittaker
Director Panavision

Chris Curling

Chris Kenny
Executive Producer

Tina McFarlane

Luke Randolf
Executive Producer


Creative Skillset Mentor Award Jury:

Mark Cooper (Chair)

Gavin Humphries
Film Partnership Manager, Creative Skillset

Liz Barron
Production Accountant and Finance Director, Trademark Films

Peter La Terriere
Completion Guarantor, European Film Bonds

Wendy Mitchell
Editor Screen International

Ally O’Leary
Financial Controller

Marc Samuelson

Samantha Waite
Line Producer / Production Manager

We’d like to thank our affiliate brand Wiggin LLP for hosting our three jury meetings.